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Mahatma Gandhi : Film : MAHATMA - Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948 (5hrs 10min)

Mahatma Gandhi : Film : MAHATMA - Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948 (5hrs 10min): ""

This is a 5 hrs. 10 min. documentary biography of Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi. All events and principles of Gandhi's life and thought are viewed as integrated parts of his truth-intoxicated life depicting permanent and universal values. The purpose of the film is to tell the present and the future generations "that such a man as Gandhi in flesh and blood walked upon this earth", to acquaint them with his life and work and to spread his message of peace and universal brotherhood to the war-weary and fear-stricken world. The film brings together a mass of visual record not only of 78-year life of Gandhi but also of an important period of India's history. The aim of the film being education and not entertainment, there is no attempt at dramatization of those exciting times. The story is told with an eye to truthful documentation of the main events within the limits of available documentary visual material… Read more about the film: Film id: mahatma_full_640x480

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This film features an interview with Peter Joseph, the hugely successful director of the internet film phenomenon Zeitgeist: The Movie which has had millions of online views. We also speak to Jacque Fresco the architect of the Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is a worldwide grassroots organization that serves as the communication and activist arm of The Venus Project, founded by industrial designer and social engineer Jacque Fresco. It describes itself as a "sustainability advocacy organization" and is focused on raising awareness for a global social change, by transitioning society from a Monetary-Based Economy to a new, sustainable social design called a "Resource-Based Economy". The Zeitgeist Movement was inspired by the social response to Peter Joseph's films Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist: Addendum. (It was Zeitgeist Addendum which first introduced The Venus Project.)

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Inception Part 4: Science Breakthroughs | Plus Ultra Technologies/30 steps

Inception Part 4: Science Breakthroughs

What does science have to say about dreams and about events in the film Inception?

Is it correct to assume that there are two levels of science knowledge?  Is it possible that government military research generations ahead of mainline science?  The truth is that we do not know.  But there is no doubt that the military has access to technology that is years ahead of anything in the civilian research projects.  To guess how far ahead is totally speculative.  Conspiracists, would be the ones to make these guesses.  The guesses range from 50 years ahead to a decade ahead.  And scientists are carefully watched so as not to reveal any information on these black projects.  All the evidence is anecdotal.  But if the government did have such advanced technology, would they tell us?  This video may interest you.  If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:

If this statement attributed to Ben Rich is true, then we suggest that you view all the technology we will show you and imagine it what it would be like in fifty years time.

This is a phrase coined by Psychology professor Tom Mitchellat Carnegie-Mellon University.  He had an interview withComputerworld on Febraury 2010, asking him about this research inmachine learning.  Dr. Mitchell recently convinced Carnegie-Mellon to begin a machine learning department.  What is machine learning?  Here is the best definition we found:
...a branch of artificial intelligence, is a scientific discipline that is concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow computers to evolve behaviors based on empirical data, such as from sensor data or databases. A major focus of machine learning research is to automatically learn to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on data; the difficulty lies in the fact that the set of all possible behaviors given all possible inputs is too large to be covered by the set of observed examples (training data). Hence the learner must generalize from the given examples, so as to be able to produce a useful output in new cases.
Tom M. Mitchell
If you are interested in learning more about machine learning clickhere.  In this Computerworld interview Dr. Mitchell was asked questions about his experiments with computers learning to read thoughts from a human brain.  Already he has been able to achieve this.  He has found some universal places where the brain behaves in the same way when it comes to words like "hammer."  Thus by reading the images from the brain using a technology called fMRI (functional MRI), the computer can "know" that the person is thinking about a hammer.  This research is just at the beginnings but great advancements are being made.

In the film Inception there is a machine that is able to network people into each others dreams.  To some this might seem like total fiction but not in the mind of Dr. Mitchell.  When asked whether people could be networked to share information from their minds so that both could know their thoughts he stated,
That's not too far out. There are certain medical patients who are "locked in," who don't have the ability to speak and can't move. It's very tedious to try to communicate. A number of people are working on brain-computer interfaces, devices that can allow a person to have their thoughts decoded.
One would imagine that the military would be very interested in this technology.  Imagine having soldiers that acted as a "hive" working together in ways undreamed of based on information being received from each others minds in a combat situation.  Of course military robots could act in a similar fashion but with less sophistication at this point.  Watch this video on his research.  If you cannot see the embedded video click this link:

"There is no science fiction anymore. All the science fiction I read in high school we're doing." Paul Wolpe Ph.D.

BCI Brain Computer Interface
The progress of any kind of Inception machine would depend on a very sophisticated BCI.  This research is ongoing, although the public progress seems still primitive.  In another interview byComputerworld in May of 2009, with Dr. Taylor Dawn of the FES Center.  This is her vision of where the research is going:
With all the advancements in technology miniaturization and wireless communication, we should be able to eventually shrink the racks of equipment we use in the lab and make all the processors small enough to carry around on a wheelchair or even small enough to implant in the body.

Already the researchers in this area like Dr. Mitchell are concerned about privacy issues with the advancements in mind reading technology enough to write articles about it. Dr. Mitchell wrote a piece entitled Mining Our Reality in December of 2009 issue of Science.
If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:

If you cannot see this embedded video here is the link:!

It makes sense that if this technology can be used to read the mind while it is "awake" then it would also be useful in reading the mind when the subject is sleeping.  If you cannot see the embedded video here is the link:

Already some researchers are using robots to interpret the dreams of people by translating brain waves into actions.  Professors Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns from Union College, NY have done research in this area.  Orellana states:
Using recorded brainwave activity and eye movements during REM sleep to determine robot behaviours and head positions, "Sleep Waking" acts as a way to "play-back" dreams.  Through this piece we hope to investigate one of the possible human-robot relationships.
Thus if the eye moves left the robot turns its head left and so forth.  If you cannot see the embedded video inside the article here is the link:

John Dylan Haynes a Ph.D. in Neuroscience has extended this research with being able to predict by seven seconds ahead the decisions that people are going to make by using fMRI technology along with computer software.  This system promises to be used to detect lies as well as intentions.  It is being carefully studied by law enforcement and the military.  This technology comes with philosophical implications as regards free will.  Haynes in an interview with Wired magazine states:
"It's not like you're a machine. Your brain activity is the physiological substance in which your personality and wishes and desires operate," he said.
The unease people feel at the potential unreality of free will, said National Institutes of Health neuroscientist Mark Hallett, originates in a misconception of self as separate from the brain.
"That's the same notion as the mind being separate from the body -- and I don't think anyone really believes that," said Hallett. "A different way of thinking about it is that your consciousness is only aware of some of the things your brain is doing."
Hallett doubts that free will exists as a separate, independent force.
In our next installment in this series we will discuss Inception in connection with Lucid Dreaming.

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Transparency: Cities Hit Hardest by Foreclosures

As the number of foreclosures continue to mount, vast swaths of American cities are becoming deserted. In some places, more than a quarter of available rentals sit empty, while other systems have largely resisted the trend. Our latest Transparency is a look at the 10 most vacant and most occupied metropolitan areas for both houses and rental apartments. It looks like you could get a great deal in Memphis.

SOURCE: U.S. Census

A collaboration between GOOD and Zut Alors, Inc.

Click here to view the full transparency.

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GOOD: Sweat The Small Stuff

Interlocking Directorates

Media corporations share members of the board of directors with a variety of other large corporations, including banks, investment companies, oil companies, health care and pharmaceutical companies and technology companies. This list shows board interlocks for the following major media interests:

See the board of directors

Casella Waste Systems
CB Richard Ellis Services
City National Bank
Columbia/HCA Healthcare
Edison International
Jenny Craig
LM Institutional Fund Advisors I
Lozano Communications
Northwest Airlines
On Command Corp.
Pacific American Income Shares
Shamrock Holdings
Sotheby's N. America
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Sun Microsystems
Trefoil Investors
UNUM Provident
Verdon-Cedric Productions

See the board of directors

Ann Taylor
Banco Nacional de Mexico
Cambridge Technology Partners
Champion International
Chase Manhattan
Chubb Corporation
Community Health Systems
Dell Computer
Delphi Automotive
Home Depot
Illinois Tool Works
International Speedy
Internet Security Systems
Morgan Chase & Co.
Morgan Gauranty Trust
National Service Industries
New York Stock Exchange
Oglivy & Mather
Planet Hollywood
Scientific Atlanta
State Street Bank and Trust
Sun Microsystems
Total Systems Services
TRICON Global Restaurants

See the board of directors

Akamai Technologies
American Express
American Home Products Corp
Atlas Air
Bank One
Bear Sterns Companies
Boston Properties
Cardinal Health
Care Capital
Chase Manhattan
CineBridge Ventures
Credit Suisse First Boston Corp.
Daimler Chrysler
DND Capital Partners
Downeast Food Distributors
Electronic Data Systems
Morgan Chase & Co.
Lafarge Corp
Louisiana Marine Transport
Maersk Group
New York Stock Exchange
Orion Safety Products
Polaris Venture Capital
Prudential Insurance
Rockwell International Corp

See the board of directors

American Express
American International
Barksdale Group
Catellus Development
Community Health Systems
Dell Computers
Eagle River
Fannie Mae
Forstmann Little & Co.
Hills & Co.
Hilton Hotels
Interpublic Group
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
New York Stock Exchange
Nextel Communications
Oakwood Homes Corp
Park Place Entertainment
Pearson plc
Sun Microsystems
Westfield America Corp
XO Communications
ZG Ventures

Fox/News Corp.
See the board of directors

Allen & Company
Bayou Steel Corp
Beijing PDN Xiren Info. Tech. Co.
British Airways
Championship Auto Racing Teams
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
John Swire and Son Pty.
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
New York Stock Exchange
Phillip Morris
PMP Communications
RM William Holdings
Rothschild Investment
Sanoma of Finnland
Six Flags
Valence Technology
Western Multiplex Corp

New York Times Co.
See the board of directors

360 Degree Communication
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Campbell Soup
Carlyle Group
Chase Manhattan
Cummins Engine Corp
Grace & Co.
Hallmark Cards
Hanson PLC
Johnson & Johnson
Lehman Bros.
Lucas Digital
Lucent Technologies
Metropolitan Life
Principal Financial Group
Springs Industries
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
State Street Research and Management
US Industries
Warburg, Pincus & Co.
Zurich Insurance

Washington Post/Newsweek
See the board of directors

Allen & Company
Ashland Oil
Berkshire Hathaway
Darden Restaurants
Union Pacific
USA Networks
White Mountain Holdings
Yankee Nets

Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones
See the board of directors

12 Entreprenuering
American Express
AOL Latin America
Bancroft Operations
Bank of East Asia
Bankers Trust Company
Callaway Golf
Campbell Soup
Clear Channel
Hallmark Cards
Hartford Financial Services Group
ITT Corp.
Lazard Freres
Met Life
Minerals Technology
Ryder System
Sara Lee
Shell Oil
Union Carbide
UtiliCorp United

Tribune Co.
See the board of directors

American National Can Group
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Dean Foods
Deere & Co.
Diamond Technology partners
First Chicago NBD
First Third Bancorp
Inter-Con Security Systems
Maynard Partners Incorporated
Schlumberger Information Solutions
Schwarz Worldwide
Skyline Corp.
Smurfit-Stone Container
Taft Broadcasting
Union Central Life Insurance
United Airlines
Washington Mutual
Western Telecommunications

Gannett/USA Today
See the board of directors

Aloha Airgroup
American Express
Armstrong World Industries
Capital Investment of Hawaii
Continental Airlines
Cummins Engine Co.
Dayton Hudson Corp.
Eastman Chemical Corp.
FLP (Florida Power and Light)
Fronteir Corp
Goldman Sachs
Kaufman and Broad Home Corp.
Millenium Bank
Pacific Century Financial Corp.
Penny Whistle Toys
Prudential Mutual Funds
Union Pacific
United Health Group
Waste Management

See the board of directors

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Florida
Cambridge Technology
Champion International
Chubb Corporation
Commercial Metals Company
Digital Equipment Corp
Economic Studies
Eli Lilly
Fannie Mae
General Electric
Goldman Sachs
Ionics Corp.
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co.
MAS Funds
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Phillips Petroleum
Providian Financial
Reliance Group Holdings
Seattle Times
State Street Bank and Trust
Sun Company
Sun MicroSystems
Tandy Corp
Tricon Global Restaurants
Union Carbide
Vanguard Group
WinStar Communications