Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How’s our country?

Take a look.

A nation with 6000 years of vibrant history, took just 60 years to slip into dark times. And the contradictions only get bigger.
Among the world’s fastest-emerging economies.
Home to half the world’s hungry population.
World’s largest democracy.
More than 50% of which, doesn’t vote.
Nation of some of the world’s wealthiest people.
Where 45.6 crore (456 million) people live below the poverty line.
Over 76.5 crore (765 million) strong workforce.
21.1 crore (211 million) of which will be out of a job by 2020.
Among the world’s richest agricultural lands.
Where 2 lakh (2,00,000) farmers have killed themselves since 1997.
Driving 1% of the world’s automobiles.
Suffering 8% of its fatal accidents (largest in the world, 13 deaths every hour).
World capital of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.
World’s 5th lowest health spender (ranks 171 out of 175 countries).
Operating the world’s second largest road network.
Where 52.7% of roads are unpaved.
Seat of 742 political parties.
Scene of 50 lakh (5 million) crimes per year (and that’s just the ones reported).
World’s largest producer of milk; second largest of rice and wheat.
Where 35 crore (350 million) people are malnourished.

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